This is the 1776 Challenge.  Are you up to a challenge?  Commit a minimum of 1776 seconds per week to Flannagan Pond.  1776 seconds is 29 minutes and 36 seconds.  It is a half-hour.

What can you do in a half-hour that will make a difference? Write a letter to the Selectmen, or Conservation, or Finance Committee, or DEP.

Write a Letter to the Editor.

Educate yourself on the issues; study some of the Resources links on this web page.

Be available to circulate a petition in the neighborhood.

Make yourself available for a meeting.

Imagine the noise level this issue would get if 50 to 100 Friends of Flannagan Pond wrote letters to Town Hall about this issue.  If you rise to the challenge, post a comment and let us know what you did.



3 Responses to 1776

  1. Michelle Wood says:

    Here are some addresses and contacts for those of you who are willing to write a letter, an email or make a phone call:

    Office Board of Selectmen
    C/O Richard D. Gilles – Chair
    Ayer Town Hall
    1 Main Street
    Ayer, MA 01432

    Office of the Board of Selectmen
    Finance Committee
    C/O Brian Muldoon – Chairman
    Ayer Town Hall
    1 Main Street
    Ayer MA 01432

    Office of the Board of Selectmen
    Conservation Commission
    C/O Bill Daniels – Chair
    Ayer Town Hall
    1 Main Street
    Ayer MA 01432

    Rick McVoy (ANS Task Force)
    Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
    Central Regional Office
    627 Main Street, 2nd Floor
    Worcester, MA 10608

    Jim Straub (ANS Task Force)
    Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
    Department of Conservation and Recreation
    251 Causeway Street, Suite 600
    Boston, MA 02114

    Another Resource to look at:


  2. Carolyn McCreary says:

    You have created a impressive blog and have done a fantastic job of organizing the group. My guess is that you will prevail at town meeting. As always, the stumbling blocks will be money and fear about putting chemicals in the water.

    Since you came to the Board of Selectmen before the cons com and since the conservation commission is generally the group to handle this issue, I’m assuming you are feeling lack of support from them. I would strongly urge you to work out any differences you may have at one of their meetings. If you can bring as many people to their meeting as you did to ours, they may be convinced to support you at the ATM.

    And speaking of ATM, since this group that will be there, I would like to make sure you are informed about the “stretch code” article. We are working to become a green community and need town meeting vote to complete the requirements. The green community committee will be at the cons com meeting on 4/28 to give a presentation to the commissioners and residents. We’ll also be at the finance committee meeting this evening (4/13) and we’ll have information on the web. I don’t know the URL yet, but will get it to you.

  3. saveourpond says:


    Thank you for your comments and suggestions. One of the reasons we have been successful in organizing is because we chose a very narrow focus; the well-being of Flannagan Pond. In our initial gatherings there were people who asked about watershed issues, green issues, conservation & wildlife issues, etc. And while we may be sensitive to these things, there are many well-established organizations already in place, such as Nashua River Watershed Association, PACE, etc. And they all do a marvelous job. Our intention is not to replicate the work they are doing, so if our neighbors wish to engage at that level, they are encouraged to join those efforts too.

    If you drive through our neighborhoods during election season, the lawn signs and bumper stickers make it quite obvious that we are not all aligned politically or ideologically. By maintaining a singular focus, it doesn’t matter if we are liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, an old timer who was born here or a newcomer. As a neighborhood organization all we focus on is the health and well-being of Flannagan Pond.

    I have read through much of the information on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts web pages regarding “stretch codes” and Green Communities, and though the effort has merit, it is out of our scope. Carolyn, for Friends of Flannagan Pond who wish to follow this Green Community initiative, I will gladly post the link when you send it to me.


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