Word of the Day – Enviroeconipol


A picture is indeed worth a thousand words...from the air, the pond looks more like a forest.


I just made up this silly word to capsulize the situation we have with the condition of Flannagan Pond.  It is a contraction of three words: Environmental, Economic and Political.

People who live on the pond, or who may enjoy it for recreation, such as kayaking or bass fishing, have been reeling (no pun intended) from the dense infestation of the invasive weeds.

I was appalled when I pulled up Google Earth on my iPhone to show a friend where I live.  I was stunned to see that from the air, recent images of the inlet from Sandy Pond make Flannagan’s look more like a forest than a body of water.

I was chatting with a neighbor recently (i’ve been doing that a lot in recent weeks) about the pond.  He suggested that the situation is an environmental one.  I offered a slightly different perspective, we are experiencing the environmental impact of economic decisions and political strategies that are being made within our town.  Hence my Word of the Day – EnviroEconiPol.  If we wish to solve the environmental impact this excessive vegetation is having on our neighborhood pond, we must insert ourselves into the budget process for next fiscal year, that is the economic impact and finally we must exercise our might to influence the political process (the Annual Town Meeting) to adopt the budget to fund the management of the pond.

To that end, I have had conversations with the Town Accountant and the Town Administrator to ensure that we have ample time to include our recommendations in the FY2012 Annual Budget that will be voted on at the spring Town Meeting.  We have appropriate language for a Warrant Article requesting funding in accordance with the expert recommendation of Aquatic Control Technologies.  We have a petition drafted for your signature.

We still retain our singular focus; the quality of Flannagan Pond as determined by a well executed management plan that addresses weed management and dam management. We are well poised to make our voices heard and to influence action.  Let’s remain patient and vigilant.



About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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