Aquatic Control Technologies Meeting – October 18th at Ayer Gun and Sportsman Club

Date: October 18th  Time: 7:00-9:00 PM
Location: Ayer Gun and Sportsman Club

Please clear your calendar for another get together.  On Monday, October 18th, we have Dominic Meringolo, a Senior Environmental Engineer from Aquatic Control Technology coming out to talk to us about management of Flannagan Pond.

Dominic has been with ACT since 1995 and he has been “the guy” who has been out here year after year assessing the condition of the pond and making recommendations regarding the care of the pond.  He will share his insights about how we can transform his reports from recommendations to reality.

In addition, we will have a petition for you to sign, if you so desire.  The petition is to get the Annual Town Meeting to provide funding for weed control for Flannagan Pond.

This meeting will be at the Ayer Gun and Sportsman Club.  The Gun Club is excited by our initiative and they have offered their facility for us for several public forums leading up to Town Meeting.  Their facility will have much better acoustics and parking than Town Hall and it is close to the Flannagan Pond neighborhoods.  So Kudos to the folks at the Ayer Gun and Sportsman Club for caring about Flannagan Pond and for sharing the facility with us as we work together to improve things for our town.



About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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7 Responses to Aquatic Control Technologies Meeting – October 18th at Ayer Gun and Sportsman Club

  1. A Sportsman says:

    I’ll try to attent the meeting but most likely will be out of town on business. If so can these questions be presented to ACT?
    In a previous presentation ACT said that drawdowns ‘can’ be an effective method of weed control. From that meeting the Ayer ConsCon references ACT to support using drawdowns as standard practice to freeze out invasive weeds. Although drawdowns have been effective at other ponds I suggest it has never worked on Flanagans and instead has endangered the wildlife population due to the shallow depth. Can ACT give reasons why or when a drawdown should or should not be used to eliminate invasive weeds. Being that Flanagans Pond averages 4 to 4 1/2 feet, if ACT indicates a drawdown is a tool Ayer should use, then please explain how fish and other wildlife can be expected to not be under stress in the 2-2 1/2 feet of water that would remain. If used when should a drawdown be started and ended? How soon after a drawdown is ended would Flanagans be expected to return to ‘normal’ level? Flanagans have a pickerel population. Though many consider pickerel a danger to the bass population, they have value in helping to keep in check the sunfish and other nusance fishes population. Pickerel are the 1st to spawn in the spring and will do so when there is still ice cover (I received this information from Mass. Department of Fisheries). If ACT endorses a drawdown does the proposed ending date pose any risk to pickerel?

  2. saveourpond says:


    Thanks for commenting. I certainly hope you are able to make the meeting, but in the event that you are unable to attend we will pose the question the regarding the potential impact of drawdowns upon the pickerel population and any other sport fishing.


  3. A Sportsman says:

    At the recent town hall meeting a member of the ConsCom suggested that part of the invasive weed problem was runoff attributed to home owners using lawn fertilizers. The ACT reports of 2001 and 2002 list nitrogen levels well within natural levels. While not downplaying the future risks of using fertilizers can ACT say if homeowners are part of the existing problem as suggested by the ConsCom?

  4. saveourpond says:


    I just uploaded several ACT Studies (1999, 2001, 2002 & 2005) to the Resource Page. Yard and garden fertilization is only mentioned within a generic context of Watershed Management Techniques (see page 13 in the 2005 report). It is not identified as a primary concern or cause of weed infestation of Flannagan Pond. For more detail on Flannagan Pond in the 2005 Report, read pages 7 through 9.


  5. Jen Hughes 27 Calvin St says:

    Hello Chuck,

    I would very much like to attend the meeting on Monday but I have a class from 7-9pm. Is there any way I would be able to sign the petition before or after? My husband will also not be able to attend and I’m sure would like to sign as well. Please let me know. Thank you.


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