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Happy Thanksgiving

What a lovely morning we had today.  The temperature dropped into the 20’s and there was the first skim of ice on the water. As thin as it was, the ice seemed to discourage the ducks and geese from making … Continue reading

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ACT Follow-up coming next week

Aquatic Control Technologies graciously provided Domenic Meringolo to visit us at the Gun Club a few weeks ago.  You may recall that Domenic is the senior field engineer from ACT who has spent a significant part of the past decade … Continue reading

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From Water Foul … to Waterfowl

One of our neighbors, I think it was Ed, referred to this as “the lost summer”.  I would be hard-pressed to disagree.  The water was painfully low, about two feet low.  The weeds were choking out everything, including game fish, … Continue reading

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Where’s Waldo? Mea Culpa!

Some of you may remember the kid’s storybook character from the Where’s Waldo series.  Well, I am not Waldo, but you may wonder where I disappeared to. Actually I just got swallowed up by life; you know my job, family, … Continue reading

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