From Water Foul … to Waterfowl

One of our neighbors, I think it was Ed, referred to this as “the lost summer”.  I would be hard-pressed to disagree.  The water was painfully low, about two feet low.  The weeds were choking out everything, including game fish, kayakers, canoeists and swimmers. Yes, there are a few of us who do swim in Flannagan Pond during a normal summer.

But our voices were heard and the dam boards were replaced and by God’s grace the rains came and the water rose.  We have gained over twelve inches of depth in the pond since we first gathered a few months ago. In addition, the waterfowl are in abundance this fall. I trust you have seen the swans, as many as a half-dozen at a time.

I was standing on my balcony last week, as five of them took off out of the pond and were flying directly towards me as they banked sharply to the west, circling the pond, only to land behind McNulty’s house.  It was an awesome sight.  These birds were huge, it was like watching a squadron of old bombers flying overhead.  (OK, go to Netflix and rent the old film 12 O’Clock High, starring Gregory Peck, and you’ll get it.)

In addition, there are more Mallard ducks than I have seen in years. Every morning there are dozens of them swimming around my dock.  Of course we have also seen plenty of geese and herons too.

So though we may have had a Lost Summer, we can take some comfort in that we have been able to salvage Autumn.  As I comment on the beauty of autumn, let’s thank John Whalen for the photo and our new header image.



About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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One Response to From Water Foul … to Waterfowl

  1. Michele R says:

    I witnessed the takeoff of the swans as well…what an incredible sight…I was awed at the amount of “takeoff” space they required to hit take off and bank the turn…truly awesome 🙂

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