Welcome Home Norm


When we bought our house on Calvin Street over six years ago, the house across the street was adorned with flags and signs, welcoming a hero back home.  We didn’t know the Dubois family at that time.  Lisa was the first neighbor to drop by to introduce herself, to welcome us and to bring us some homemade bread.  At that time we knew we were blessed to be in an awesome neighborhood, one filled with wonderful people.

Over the years, Sue and I have come to admire this family greatly.  We have watched Savannah grow up, filled with enthusiasm and confidence that she has learned from her parents.  Whenever we have been in Norm and Lisa’s presence their smiles radiate a tremendous love for one another and their joy spills onto everyone around them.

Last night, Sue called me on my cell phone as I was driving home.  She was excited to report that the Dubois’ lawn was once again adorned with flags and banners.  Once again, a neighborhood hero was returning home.

On Thursday, December 24th, 2010, Christmas Eve, Sergeant Major Norman Dubois was reunited with his family.  Norm has spent the past 12 months in Kuwait and Iraq on his second tour of duty.

I know that many people have held Norman and his family in their prayers over the past year and by God’s sovereign grace, Norm is back with those whom he holds dearest.

I thank God for keeping this family safe in the face of adversity; and I thank Norman, Lisa and Savannah for their sacrifice for our freedom.

Welcome Home Norm!  Merry Christmas all!

God Bless,


About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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One Response to Welcome Home Norm

  1. A Sportsman says:

    I have been checking in on this site and am very disappointed nobody has responded and added their appreciation to Norm and his family. I hope Norm is a fisherman and one day I meet him out there in the weeds to give him my sincere thanks.

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