Flanagan Pond Petition is on Selectman’s Agenda – April 5th

Paul Revere's RideThis is a call to Action!  I just received notice in today’s mail that I have ten minutes to present our case to the Board of Selectman on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 at (or about) 8:15 PM.

My message will be simple and succinct.   For years our consultants have made recommendations regarding the care of Flanagan Pond; and for years the Town has had other priorities which have brought us to the sorry state we are in.

I will provide a small packet with photos and explain that we would like to see the community get serious about preserving this valuable resource. To that end, we wish to enlist their support at Town Meeting to fund the treatment of the pond, mobilize the HydroRaking equipment, and implement a dam management plan.

I expect some pushback on funding.  There is never a good time to ask for money. C’est la vie! I encourage folks to show up at the meeting, though I warn you, the room may be filled up with people supporting or opposing other agenda items.  This is another step towards Annual Town Meeting.

Like, Paul Revere, please spread the word to your neighbors.



About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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4 Responses to Flanagan Pond Petition is on Selectman’s Agenda – April 5th

  1. Rick & Michelle Wood says:

    We will be there Chuck!

    • saveourpond says:

      Rick & Michelle, I look forward to seeing you again. After this long winter it will be good to start seeing the neighbors. I look forward to starting up my trail walks. Then I walk by everyone’s house and get to catch up on things.

  2. Debora Brodeur says:

    Where are we meeting, town hall?

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