Breaking News – FinCom supports FOFP Petition

I need my coffee so bad right now!Yesterday I received an e-mail from a local gadfly to tell me that the Finance Committee was meeting Wednesday to discuss the Annual Town Meeting Warrant.  So this evening I sat through four hours and forty-two Warrant Articles at the Finance Committee meeting at Town Hall.

The Friends of Flannagan Pond Weed Control Petition is Article 39 on the May 9th Annual Town Meeting.

When the FinCom got to the Flannagan Pond Weed Control article, they invited me to the table to discuss our petition.  I had the opportunity to argue the merits of our request and at times we had some impassioned discussion.  I am pleased to report that I was able to convince a majority of the Committee of the reasonableness of our proposal.

Though FinCom does not traditionally vote on Citizens Petitions they made an exception this evening.  The move was made and seconded to support the article.  When the vote was taken we prevailed with Mr. Muldoon, Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Houde voting in the affirmative.  Mr. Crowley abstained and Mr. Reich voted No.  (that’s what I get for inadvertently calling him Mr. Stein)

Thank You FinCom for listening and supporting us in this community endeavor.  My hat is off to these folks who commit so much of their time and effort to strategize about how to best utilize our Town’s financial resources.  It’s midnight and I’ll have to wait until morning for my latte.




About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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One Response to Breaking News – FinCom supports FOFP Petition

  1. Michele R says:

    Thank you Chuck for your continued vigor … I hope you slept soundly knowing what an excellent proponent you have been for Our Pond.

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