Important Town Meeting Preview – Ayer Gun Club – Tuesday May 3rd 7:00

This week every household in town received the Town Meeting Warrant in the mail.  Of key interest to the Friends of Flannagan Pond are Articles 31 and 38.  Art. 31 is the Stormwater article and Art. 38 is our citizen petition. Both are vital to our interests and require discussion prior to Town Meeting.

The Ayer Gun & Sportsmen Club has opened their facility to us once again. We need to gather before the Annual Town Meeting to review our objectives and strategy for the meeting.

Do not grow complacent, as we still have a long way to go. The Town Meeting article that we placed on the warrant by petition sets the stage for providing a comprehensive, ongoing, and systematic care and maintenance program for Flannagan Pond.

I am convinced that if we, as engaged citizens, can align ourselves with the Conservation Commission and Town Hall, we will continue to find sources of revenue through various channels.

Think ahead to modern dam improvements, a beaver control program, natural mosquito control programs, maybe even dredging.  These are all attainable as we work together and stay committed to moving forward.

Part of what we must discuss on Tuesday evening is the Stormwater Management Article that is on the warrant for Town Meeting.  There is potential benefit for us, but only if Town Officials are prepared to address key objections that were raised at last year’s meeting, such as; 1) how will surcharges be assessed, 2) what formula will the Selectmen use to determine in setting annual rates, 3) what assurances do taxpayers have that certain percentages of the revenues will actually be allocated to Pond Maintenance programs, versus storm drains, 4) why call it a fee, when it is really another tax?

So on Tuesday evening, we need to see you all come out to the Gun Club from 7:00-8:30 PM. It’s always fun to gather with the neighbors, so come out for a bit. We’ll make sure you get out early so you get your well needed rest.



About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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4 Responses to Important Town Meeting Preview – Ayer Gun Club – Tuesday May 3rd 7:00

  1. Martha Craft says:

    Just found a picture of the pond from 1995. Looked much like last year. Will put it in the mail tomorrow (5-2) to you Chuck. Good luck at Town Meeting. Best regards to all. Martha

  2. saveourpond says:

    Thanks Martha, your willingness to challenge the status quo last summer is paying off at this time. We seem to have some momentum growing as we have succeeded in getting the attention of Town Boards and Committees to work with us to care for this wonderful resource. I look forward to receiving the photo you mentioned.


  3. A Sportsman says:

    Martha, I do remember the pond being in bad shape in the past but it was successfully treated (liquid Sonar)then but NOT so in recent history. I also suggest even back then that there was NO pond maintenance plan thus the return of the problem(s). Lastly, at least back then the town was more proactive in managing the dam and thus the water level didn’t get to extremes as it has in the past few years. What is different? I suggest most of these recent problems are directly attributed to the ConsCom leadership. Remember back then we didn’t have the ConsCom at all!

    • A Sportsman says:

      clarification: The situation didn’t turn negative until the Community Preservation Commission (CPC) came about NOT the ConsCom. I confused the situation because the CPC leadership has also been the ConsCom leadership or influenced them.

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