Do You Floss Regularly?

I am sure my regular readers are wondering why I would lead with such bizarre questions.  The answer to that question will become obvious in a few minutes.

Imagine a situation where you awaken with an awful toothache. You are in excruciating pain.  You phone the dentist and he works you into his schedule that afternoon.  You eagerly anticipate getting relief from your torment.  When you arrive, you are prepped for his examination, relief is moments away.  Then he says wryly, “I can’t fix this tooth.  You didn’t floss.  In fact I doubt if you even have a comprehensive flossing program in place.”  You plead with him, making a good case that you do floss and you use mouthwash too. And he says, “perhaps you do, but your neighbors do not, so no relief for you.  Come back after you and your neighbors can prove that you have flossed for a few years, then, maybe, just maybe, I’ll fix your cavity.”

Is that a silly story?  Of course it is; it is a parable of a post that was forwarded to me from a local forum.

—–Original Message—–
(e-mail addresses romoved)
Sent: Tue, May 3, 2011 10:47 am
Subject: [Ayer] Questionable request for $ for weed control on Fletcher –
Flannigan Pond

I’m curious why the town is being asked to spend $30,000 plus on weed control –
when the newly formed Fletchergan’s Pond Assn. has bypassed the Conservation

Has this group implemented best practices in their own backyard to control weed

1. Create a buffer zone with NO chemicals between their property & the pond.

2. Convert to 100% organic fertilizers and pull dandelions and other weeds by
hand? This means GIVING UP the emerald green weed-free Scotts Lawn appearance.

If the group is willing to make those common-sense environmental sacrifices AND
go through the normal channels of the ConsCom, they merit consideration for
funding by town meeting & the Selectmen.

This is the first in a series of posts poking fun critical and sometime hypocritical remarks I have heard over the months regarding our grassroots efforts to improve a wonderful asset to our community.

There is an appropriate time to discuss long-term health issues.  If a person is trapped in a wrecked car, they need the jaws of life, not a sermon on wearing seat belts.  When a person is in cardiac arrest, perhaps they need defibrillation, not a speech about a low-cholesterol diet.  Please understand, I am not minimizing the need to have discussions regarding implementing environmentally friendly property management, flossing, seat belts or diet.  But I am amazed that critics insist they know the source of the problem (which I do not necessarily agree) , so they insist withholding effective treatment until we can prove we have conformed to their theories.


About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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4 Responses to Do You Floss Regularly?

  1. Michele says:

    I totally agree with Chuck’s commentary and I am wondering if tonite’s meeting will afford the opportunity to discuss with ConComm the fact that we did NOT bypass them. We followed their instructions to a “T” and obtained the funding necessary to atempt to resurrect the pond. I hope that we are able to have that discussion.

  2. lois anne proctor says:

    Good Lord! I can’t believe they are still on that one note!

    Give up Scotts?

    I gave up my lawn period!

    It never grew very well; so I ripped it up and replaced it with gravel, hardy flowers, and hardier weeds. No more mowing! I have 3 high-tech, compost-bins and grow most of my veggies in containers. I eat my dandelions. I don’t need chemicals.

    I have a question for your expert: If a homeowner used these “chemicals”, how exactly would it appear? Would there be a very heavy, healthy bloom of aquatic plants directly behind their property gradually thinning as the concentration diluted? I don’t see this happening behind any particular houses from our canoe. Can the ConCom show me the offending houses?

    BTW 11 years ago, a lawn service tech came to look at our lawn. He said, “I need to take a pass on this job. Under these conditions, your lawn needs the Lawn Mortician, not me.”

    -lois anne

  3. saveourpond says:

    Lois, my lawn is deplorable too. But to those who do have a nice lawn; it couldn’t possibly be because they work to keep their yard looking good, could it? I guess it’s true the grass is always greener from the other side.


  4. A sportsman says:

    Science, as in past chemical analysis done on the pond’s water, has shown phosphates and nitrogen normally associated with fertilizers are NOT an issue. But lets not allow facts to get in the way. If Sandy Pond needs weed treatment have the homeowners been read the fertilizer riot act before allocating money?

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