How many Lily Pads does it take to cover 85 Acres?

Many of you have been asking what’s going on regarding this spring’s weed treatment of Flannagan Pond.  I dropped by the Conservation office at Town Hall this morning just as Becky was responding to my e-mail message, since I had also asked the same question.

Mr. Pontbriand, the Town Administrator, took care of all the contract paperwork weeks back after ConsCom voted to award the contracts.

Things are progressing, though they are slow. Having part time staff for only ten hours a week is not a great situation when you are dealing with the bureaucratic process required for satisfying all the requirements of MassDEP.  Other delays relate to the due diligence being exercise by Lycott Environmental, since they haven’t the familiarity with Flannagan Pond that ACT does.

The water level appears to be adequately low with a single board removed from the dam, so I do not expect that to be a delay.  However, Mr. Rob Wheaton of Lycott is coordinating his efforts with Fire Chief Pedrazzi to best determine what should be done prior to treatment.

Mr. Wheaton has submitted his herbicidal application permit with DEP, which has about a 2 week turnaround.  So to summarize, the process is slow and tedious, but we are on schedule for June treatment.  Stay tuned.



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I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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8 Responses to How many Lily Pads does it take to cover 85 Acres?

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks so much for the update Chuck!

  2. A sportsman says:

    Water level is really low

  3. warren ball says:

    Thanks for your Help Chuck, I should be able to walk across the pond soon and thank you in person.

  4. A sportsman says:

    and getting lower

  5. A sportsman says:

    A single board? re: Athough with the vegetation it is hard to see the actuat boards I suggest they have removed two board which is irresponsible. A single board would have done the trick. Now we will be left with a very low pond for the rest of the summer. Lost summer part II.

  6. saveourpond says:


    Regarding the dam boards; please read this post:

    Regarding your dissatisfaction with progress to date; please read this post:


  7. A sportsman says:

    I have/had read them. Is the vendor aware of how far the level has dropped? If they aren’t, why not? Would putting the boards back in make a dfference in their plans sine I maintian per past history the water level isn’t going to dramatically rise at this time of the year to thwart their treatment plan. Besides, aren’t we now past the treatment window? Hopefully the cool spring has bought us time but nobody has explained this. In the past treatment with liquid sonar didn’t take place after the end of May. We are now going into July. AND treatment using pellet Sonar was useless as experienced two years ago. By the way I have volunterred for the ConsCom before and wasn’t even given passing consideration. My bulb has dimmed to the point I am ready to throw in the towel and move even if it means Flannagans swamp will hamper my selling effort.

  8. A sportsman says:

    ■Both consultants are still waiting for their herbicide application permit to be mailed from MassDEP.
    ■I’ve submitted both consultant Contracts to BOS for signatures. I hope to have that returned and mailed by the end of the week.
    By the way, is it necessary to us snail mail which must be adding weeks in turn around time?

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