Weed Treatment – What’s the Game Plan?

Many of the neighbors have cornered me in my yard, at the dump, e-mailed me, texted me, et cetera, regarding the status of the weed treatment for Flannagan Pond.  I received the following e-mail message from Becky @ ConsCom; so though we have no specific date at this time, it does sound like things are still moving forward.

(Becky’s note follows; Thanks Becky)

Hello everyone, 
Just wanted to give everyone an update on the pond weed treatment status…

  • I’ve been in contact with both consultants regarding both RFPs awarded last month.
  • Both consultants are still waiting for their herbicide application permit to be mailed from MassDEP.
  • I’ve submitted both consultant Contracts to BOS for signatures. I hope to have that returned and mailed by the end of the week.
  • I will be coordinating with Jeff Thomas, Director of Parks & Recreation, regarding the Town Beach summer schedule so that spot treatment has minimum impact on the scheduled activities.
  • Lycott has requested that the boards at the spillway be replaced on the day of herbicide application at Flannagan Pond.  So I will coordinate that with Chief Pedrazzi as soon as I have confirmation of the date.

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                                    ><<{{°>   ><<{{°>    
Becky DaSilva-Conde 
Conservation Administrator/Agent


About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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One Response to Weed Treatment – What’s the Game Plan?

  1. Denise says:

    The pond is really low and this is the 3rd summer in a row with nothing but mucky smelly muddy sludge between our property and the pond. We had a picnic this past weekend and we got asked “what was up” with the pond? I gave the answer we were told and a couple of folks said they didn’t think the water had to be this low.

    Last spring (2010) I inquired about the water level because the smell was so bad and the town said they were not responsible and to call the fire department. When I called the fire department chief he said that he had received other phone calls but he thought he was supposed to coordinate with the DPW (or someone else). He then said that the water level will return once the boards were replaced – the water level never came back. I agree with “Sportsman” that another year for water activities is lost with this low water level.

    I wish to express thanks to Chuck and everyone else that has been helping in this whole painful process and I hope that we will have an impact to stop this abuse of the drastic lowering of the water.

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