Time to Mow yet? A Weed Treatment Update

Flannagan Pond is looking pretty bad.  It is approaching being just plain disgusting. The wheels of progress are awfully slow, hopefully not to slow. Some people are getting impatient.  Some people are getting hyper-critical.

However, I do not think we will have to resort to mowing the pond like the kid in the photo.

I was copied on an e-mail from Becky @ConsCom on Friday, June 24th. The highlights of her message are:

  • A second board was removed from the dam on June 18th.
  • The appropriate Flannagan Pond water level is to be confirmed by Lycott engineers.
  • Lycott has received all appropriate permits from MassDEP and is ready to roll.
  • Becky is expected to firm up the schedule with Lycott this week.
  • Tentatively the targeted schedule is likely the second week in July.
Ready!  Aim! Fire!
(that is for those who like to shoot the messenger)
I’ll keep you posted on whatever I hear.

About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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2 Responses to Time to Mow yet? A Weed Treatment Update

  1. Michele says:

    Hey Chuck! Thanks so much for keeping up on this for us. I certainly hope people are not giving you any grief over the ConCom process…of anyone YOU are the person who has done the absolute most for our cuase and represented us in a professional and effective manner. By no means would the pond process be where it is without you and your efforts and I’m sure that is clear to all involved. Don’t shoot the messenger? I’m glad you are our messenger.

  2. A sportsman says:

    I probably have been too vocal and never intended any criticism be directed towards Chuck. He and others efforts might just be the most effective and best run in this town for years and years. Than you Chuck for all you have done.

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