Pond Notices – Coming to a telephone pole near you

Attached are a seven pages of various notices and handbills to be posted providing information relating to of all the pond treatment activities in the upcoming weeks on Flannagan Pond. Simply stated, there will be a week or so that fishing and swimming and watering of your livestock should be avoided.  I will be moving my cattle to the north side of the property just to be on the safe side.  For those with lots that are not as spacious as my third acre, we will be organizing a neighborhood cattle drive this weekend.  We can accommodate most of the livestock at the high school football fields, which is fenced off for your convenience.

Perhaps the most important issue is to refrain from irrigating from the pond.  It is sad that it has to be said, but watering your roses with water treated with herbicides could be problematic.  But then again, MacDonalds has to warn people about the dangers of pouring hot coffee in their laps while driving.

Keep Smiling.  We’re making progress.



About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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3 Responses to Pond Notices – Coming to a telephone pole near you

  1. Jamie Steeves says:

    So I’m not going to be able to drink any more of the pond water until July 16th??? (Looking at page 6 in the attachment). I suppose I can get by…

  2. saveourpond says:

    Yeah Jamie, we always keep a cold pitcher of fresh pond scum in the fridge during the summer months. It really helps take the edge off after a long day at work.

  3. Abbie Moran says:

    Does anyone have more insight on the sudden flood we’ve had?
    I’ve heard that it was a broken beaver dam…Is it just me or does
    it seem strangely coincidental?

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