Double-Standards Rule

Why do many politicians feel that the rules that they institute for the masses, do not apply to themselves?  It doesn’t seem to matter whether they are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Socialist or whatever.  They run on a platform of serving the public and before you know it, they expect you to dance to their tune.

By now you are wondering what got me riled. Did you notice it was hot as the blazes today?  It was over 90 degrees.  A nice cool swim would have been quite refreshing for  a good many people in town. But the DPW, Board of Health and the Recreation Department exercised wisdom in closing Sandy Pond to swimmers pending the lab results after the dams broke north of Pine Meadow.  The Town web site made it quite clear that the pond is closed at least until tomorrow. Generally people were very understanding of the situation and found other ways to cool off.

So you can imagine my surprise when I drove home this evening to see a bicycle on the causeway, on Snake Hill Road, leaning on a signpost.  “Starve OPEC!!” was emblazoned on the homemade sign posted on the back of the bike.  Gee, whose bike could this be?  Sure enough, there was our most eccentric Selectman, swimming up to his neck in his exclusive pond, you know, the one no one else was allowed to use.  Maybe you can ditch the OPEC sign and get a new one that says, “Do as I say, not as I do!?


About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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3 Responses to Double-Standards Rule

  1. Wolf Bursch says:

    Remember This== The eletist and the entitled= WE ARE PAYING THEIR SALARY =This they forgot= we have saved for our retirement now they want that to==Re: They got their raises we are loosing $ on Social Security The entitled have inflation=the elderly don’t. Watch their lips closely for as soon as mouth is opened trash comes out.

  2. Frank Maxant says:

    I apologize for my tardiness in posting this reply. Someone told me about the post earlier, but couldn’t direct me to it ’til now.

    On Tuesday, 7/12, until then, the hottest day of 2011, Ayer’s Sandy Pond beach was closed to swimming. This is another result of ninny lawyers and over-educated fool “experts”.

    Sandy Pond water flows Westward into & through Fletcher Pond, whence, 3/4 of a mile downstream, it turns South & Eastward toward Balch Pond, then eventually West through other ponds on its way to the Nashua River. A sudden breech of a beaver dam North (upstream) of Fletcher Pond dumped a huge amount of water into its Western end. The bulk of this, of course, followed its normal downstream course toward Balch Pond. The amount of water that overwhelmed Fletcher Pond’s outlet pushed upstream toward Sandy Pond, 3/4 mile away. This caused a counterflow of water returning to Sandy Pond, that had been in Sandy Pond & tested safe only hours before. There is NO WAY the water from the beaver pond could fill Fletcher Pond, pushing its water ahead, to arrive in Sandy Pond, itself! The robust ecosystem of Fletcher Pond guarantees there is no source of harmful pollution there. (Note, though, that we are about to tamper w/that ecosystem using chemicals at concentrations that, according to public postings, may be hazardous to humans & other animals, not only directly, but even in the second-order effect of their levels in fish.)
    Wanting to cool off, I entered Sandy Pond from public property remote from our public beach. Sandy Pond is, by statute, a Great Pond, meaning that everyone has this right at any time. Swimming to the outlet to Fletcher Pond, I observed the strongest counterflow I’ve seen there, although not strong enough to be any trouble swimming against. Deciding to do my personal water test, I drank a lot of the returning water. (Having had a colonoscopy the day before, my testing laboratory was relatively sanitized.) All the while I was swimming, a bunch of youngsters were having a ball being towed behind a power boat on what looked like an inflatable wake-skimmer. This amusement, of course, includes being hurled repeatedly into the water. So, they were likewise testing the water quality. Maybe they will join this discussion to report their test results? Mine were completely O.K.
    Given the physical realities, the “expert’s” (from Nashoba Associated Boards of Health, I was told) suggestion should have been, at the most, to post the beach & notify bathers that they were doing so at their own risk. The common-sense people would have continued enjoying the water. The wake-skimming youngsters, their parents, & the (presumably) adult boat operator were exercising common sense. Is it too much to ask our “expert” consultants (in this case, NABoH) to show some common sense, too?
    Frank Frederick Maxant

  3. saveourpond says:

    Sir, your rant is what I have come expect from you. You dodge the issue, rationalize your behavior, call people you disagree with ninnies and fools, and shift the blame to others. The question of my original post deals with a single question; why is it that an elected leader feels the rules that govern society do not apply to him? It is not a complicated question.


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