Sandy Pond Closed Today

This text is pasted directly from the official Town of Ayer website.


Temporary Beach Closing at Sandy Pond 

Alert: Temporary Beach Closing at Sandy Pond

As you may have heard, there was a breach in several beaver dams that were located near the transfer station around 3:00 PM today (7/11/11). This caused a torrent of water to flow into the west side of Flanagan Pond. The water normally flows out of Flanagan and eventually into Grove Pond, but the quick elevation of water caused some of it to flow backwards into Sandy Pond. Because of this, and following the recommendation of the DPW Director, Sandy Pond was closed for the rest of the day and swimming lessons for that evening were canceled. After the water was cleared of swimmers, those who were still present were given an explanation of what had happened. For the most part, people were very understanding and thankful for taking this precaution.

We have alerted the Nashoba Board of Health, who tests the water each week, and asked them to come as early as possible tomorrow to test the water for safety. We have already canceled swim lessons for tomorrow morning and alerted those who take lessons at night that they will be notified if the beach is going to remain closed beyond tomorrow morning. With any luck, we will have a reading by tomorrow morning to verify the water is not contaminated and be able to open the beach at noon as usual.

If you have any questions about all this, feel free to call the Park Department at 978-772-8217.

Update as of 10:30 AM, 7/12/11:

The BOH was able to take a water sample this morning and have asked the lab to rush the results. Their best guess for an estimate of results would be at least 24 hours. Because of this, we have closed the beach for today with hopes to reopen by tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon, pending test results. Swim lessons for Tuesday, 7/12/11 are canceled and will be made up Tuesday, July 26. A lifeguard will be on duty through the day to inform people of the reason for closing and keep the water cleared.

Jeff Thomas
Ayer Parks Supervisor


About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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