The Beaver Pond – awesomely impressive!

Ed Orr sent me a bunch of photos that he took on his daily woods walk this morning. I will post some of them over the next few days.  This one is particularly impressive.

How many cubic feet of water does it take to increase the water level of Sandy Pond, Flannagan Pond and Balch Pond by six inches in an 18 hour period?  The photo tells the tale.  Click on the photo for a larger image.


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I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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12 Responses to The Beaver Pond – awesomely impressive!

  1. A Sportsman says:

    Here is an album of the beaver dam and pond pictures.

  2. saveourpond says:

    I encourage you all to check out Ed’s photos. They are impressive.


  3. warren says:

    chuck, I am curious–chris and I heard a loud explosion the other night before the water started rising. Where there signs that someone blew up the damn? what made it let go?

  4. saveourpond says:

    Warren, the torrent cut loose about 3:00 PM on Monday, so i don’t know if the BOOM you heard the other evening was related at all. I am unaware of any firm evidence. The thing that I think is suspicious is that this series of dams survived intact throughout the spring thaw, yet they collapsed during the dry month of July. It defies logic don’t you think?

  5. A Sportsman says:

    3 PM? I think you mean 3 AM. re: Could the infamous ‘vandals’ who were found to have pulled that “silly stunt” and “malicious mischief” in 2005 been at it again? Will the BOS sweep this under the rug as that one was?

  6. saveourpond says:

    No, I mean afternoon. My understanding is that a call came to the Police Dispatcher about 3:00 PM. It was late enough that DPW crews had gone home for the day and were called back to work to block the road, etc. If there is any evidence of foul play I do not believe this will be covered up.

  7. A Sportsman says:

    Well, I know for sure that at 11:30 AM on Monday Erskine dam was gushing water. A skilled investigator or scientist could tell how much earlier the beaver dam breech took place by estimating the volume of water it would take to fill up Erskine Pond to the point of overflowing the dam.

  8. Tom Callahan says:

    Time for some beaver management.

  9. A Sportsman says:

    I suggest the current problem isn’t the beaver’s doing. Remember rule #1 of troubleshooting, observe symptoms but fix the problem.

  10. Tom Callahan says:

    Question 1 passed in 1996 is the real problem.

  11. A Sportsman says:

    The original posting of pictures is difficult to put into perspective if you do not know the area. Here is a more organized presentation. Hopefully these pictures will make more sense.
    Upper Beaver Dam:
    Lower Beaver Dam:
    In the middle:
    misc beaver pond related pics:

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