Will the Weeds be treated on Flannagan Pond?

Well here it is, the day of reckoning. July 13th, the day the initial weed treatment is supposed to take place on Flannagan Pond.

Will the treatment actually take place? That is a question I keep hearing from readers. Has the RFP process been dragged out too long?  Are we too far into the plant’s growth cycle? Will this weeks untimely beaver dam collapse foil our plans?

Well, I do believe it will happen today.  Though the water level did rise, it was temporary. The water had emptied out of Pine Meadow (Erskine Pond) rapidly and by Tuesday morning, the water levels were stable in all the ponds (that is to say, they were no longer rising, and the East Main Street Dam spillway was functioning). Since two boards had been removed from the dam, the water level was low enough to accomodate the excess from the beaver pond, and still be treatable. Now recognize, I am but a layman in regards to these matters.

Enough about me and my opinion; what do you think.  Join in our very first Poll and let’s see the tally by the end of the day.  Better than our prognostications would be a follow-up story that the treatment has been completed.  


About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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