Wanted Dead or Alive (well not really dead)

I think you will agree that an old Wanted Poster doesn’t quite have the same ring when you simply say “Wanted Alive”.

So I am going out on a limb here.  When I first heard that we had a broken beaver dam, my first reaction was, “What a remarkable coincidence that this happened less than 48 hours before our controversial weed treatment of Flannagan Pond!”

Though the words I actually vocalized remained civilized, the thought bubble above my head was rather colorful in its use of the English language.

Now that I have had a few days to think about this, and after having viewed photos of the incredible damage that came out of this event I will voice the following thought: Why would a series of dams survive heavy snows and spring thaw without issues, and then suffer a catastrophic collapse in the dry month of July?

Were the dams vandalized or is this an Act of God?  If anyone has any knowledge of any activity that may have led up to this, let us know.  This is going to cost the Town a great deal of taxpayer money to repair the road and it has destroyed a great deal of wildlife and recreational opportunities for all.

(I don’t think Steve McQueen did it, he’s one of the good guys) 


About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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2 Responses to Wanted Dead or Alive (well not really dead)

  1. denise_simion@post.harvard.edu says:

    I agree with your skepticism. My husband and I were talking about it that night and both of us agreed that the timing of the incident was convenient given the criticism our group has received from some individuals from the town. We live at that end of Oak Ridge and the next day my husband strolled over to take another look and there was a policeman who said that perhaps some kids were suspect since there were a few kids observed watching the waterfall prior to the “flood” – I don’t know if kids actually did it since the logs seemed to be a large as trees but maybe they thought it would be a good prank, or perhaps someone put them up to it, or maybe someone else is involved. I would guess that the person or persons responsible did not think it through very well and did not expect the ecological impact and the costly damage done by the deed.

    I begrudgingly understand why the treatment company cannot treat our pond at this point given their explanation of the herbicide not being potent enough for the amount of water. It would have been nice if the other ponds were left off for treatment this year as well (misery loves company). One more concern that I have with this high amount of vegetation is the volume of water snakes I have observed this year. Usually I see 0 to 1 a year as of today I have observed 5 instances of a snake swimming in the water. A neighbor explained that these snakes (especially water-moccasins love “marshy” areas and weeds – something our pond is now full of). I was also told there is a confirmed sighting of a water-moccasin at the Fish and Hunt club (eek).

    The only bright spot in the whole mess is that we now live on a dead-end street (even if it is just temporarily). It is so nice not having cars whizzing by all day around the curve. I can back out of the driveway without fear of being hit and I am not as anxious with the kids playing in the front. There is a small inconvenience of having to drive around but that is something I could live with.

    So what are our next set of plans? Is it possible to get a “date” for next spring and not the middle of summer for a treatment? Should we write to our town officials but if so what should we say since no one knows for certain what happened?

  2. heather conry says:

    chuck….i thought the same thing…..how convenient that the day before we finally made it to help fix flanagans pond..the dams broke…..I’m hoping that it was just the breavers building dams tooo high

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