Conservation Commission Membership update

My work schedule has been heavy this week, so I have not attended any meetings or even had time to check the local papers, so I do not have any details.  So this post will be a simple FYI message.

Yesterday a notice was posted by Warren Ball, a neighbor on the Sandy Pond Road side of Flannagan Pond.  I have line of sight from my dock to his dock.  Warren has joked that he can walk to my house (across the pond, on the weeds).   Warren’s note is reposted below for those who may not have seen it:

Dear Friends of Flannagans Pond,

It is official that you now have a friend on the Conservation Committee!! Last night I was appointed to the Committee. I know there are many other responsibilities other than Flannagans pond but when ever possible I will do my best to look out for the best interst of the Pond and our friends.

If nothing else–my goal is to take my dad fishing on that clear beautiful Flannagans pond again before that opportunity passes me forever!

Thank You
Warren Ball

So let’s wish Warren well in his new venture, a task that he is taking on in the interest of serving his neighbors and his community as a whole.  Do not grow complacent thinking we have “representation” on the Commission, so we can sit back.  That would be a false sense of security.  He have had FOFP folk on the Commission in the past too.  But a single person is not the answer.  Success requires continued vigilance on behalf of Townspeople to keep this issue as a priority, to ensure that there is a will and a budget to preserve our valuable pond assets.  So stay involved, show up when you are asked and continue to offer constructive feedback to Conservation Commission members, Selectmen and on these blogposts.

I know first hand that serving in any public capacity will draw praise from some and criticism from others.  You can never keep everyone satisfied. Sometimes one critic stings more than 99 supporters can sooth.  Warren will face this reality soon enough as his predecessor and everyone else in Town Hall knows.

This is also an opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of David Bodurtha who has served on the Conservation Commission for the past 6 or 7 years.  Whether or not you have been a supporter of David, give him his due and thank him for all these years of service. Any one who serves in these jobs does it at a high cost.  It costs time from work, home and family. It costs someone part of their life.

So best wishes to Warren and a Thank You to David.



About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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