Community Preservation Committee OKs request for Flannagan Pond

Bare Hill Pond in Harvard

The CPC reconvened on Wednesday evening to discuss two proposals; 1) the Town Hall Generator and 2) Flannagan Pond Weed Treatment.

First, let’s thank Selectman Gary Luca who submitted the CPA request as an ardent advocate for our mission to clean up and beautify Flannagan Pond. Selectmen Pauline Conley and Jim Fay also came out and spoke in favor of the proposal.  Thanks also to the CPC for taking so much time to discuss the merits or concerns of the proposal.

A great deal of debate took place regarding whether the proposal fit the criteria of the Community Preservation Act or the priorities set forth by a CPC plan put forth a couple years ago.  A sticky point for some folks was how this got to the CPA, mostly due to the confusing machinations inserted into the process due to our original Citizen’s Petition.

At the end of the discussion, which was at times passionate, but civil, the vote was 6-2 in favor of taking the Flannagan Pond proposal to Fall Town Meeting. I do believe there is an opening on the Community Preservation Committee. Think about it.

It is clear that the FOFP petition has turned Town Hall on it’s ear, as we have all (citizens and committee members alike) been through the wringer at multiple Selectmen’s meetings, Conservation meetings, Finance Committee meetings, CPC meetings, Town Meeting and now, on October 24th, the Fall Town Meeting. Though it is at times grueling or frustrating, I am pleased that we are making a big difference in Town and we are effectively making the care of our many ponds in Ayer a priority.

The Selectmen will be meeting on Friday morning to finalize the Fall Town Meeting warrant.  There are some very important issues that will be discussed at the Town Meeting, including the Flannagan Pond funding through this CPA article.  Mark your Calendar for the evening of October 24th and plan on a delightful gathering with your neighbors.



About saveourpond

I am a lifelong resident of Ayer who lives on Flanagan's Pond.
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2 Responses to Community Preservation Committee OKs request for Flannagan Pond

  1. David Bodurtha says:

    Don’t show up on Oct 25th if you want to make a difference, come to town meeting on OCT 24th

  2. saveourpond says:

    Hey David;

    Thanks for pointing out the error. I have corrected the Fall Town Meeting date in the body of the article.


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